Dr John Hunt is a medievalist who works primarily on regional history and archaeology in England and France. He is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of History at the University of Birmingham, where he is also a member of the Centre for West Midlands History. He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.


After initially specialising in the early medieval period, his main focus is now within the period of the tenth to fourteenth centuries, combining the approaches of history, archaeology and art history. In addition to regional history and archaeology, he has particular interests in medieval lordship, community and landscape and in cultural history, all areas in which he has published books and articles. His interests in medieval cultural history encompass art and architecture, religion and religious patronage, and the relationship between art and society; he researches medieval art and material culture in association with the dynamics of lordship, locality and identity and has a particular interest in parish churches.


John is active in community engagement and the promotion of history and heritage in the community. He provides consultancy services, is a regular speaker for local societies and a tutor to community groups and is involved with several national and local societies.


John is committed to encouraging the study, appreciation and understanding of medieval life and culture beyond the confines of Britain’s universities. ‘Portcullis History’ aims to offer expert, high quality and academically rigorous opportunities to pursue medieval studies in a friendly and informal atmosphere among like-minded people.


Among John’s publications are books on the west midlands medieval honor of Dudley ('Lordship and the Landscape. A Documentary and Archaeological Study of the Honor of Dudley, c.1066-1322' published in 1997); 'Evolution of a Community: The Colonisation of a clay inland landscape. Neolithic to Post-Medieval remains excavated over sixteen years at Longstanton in Cambridgeshire' (2014) co-authored with Samantha Paul; and most recently,'Warriors, Warlords and Saints: the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia' (2016).