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The World of the Troubadours and the Cathars: Occitan Society at the time of Crusade and Inquisition


Tutor:Dr John Hunt, BA, PhD, FSA, FRHistS, PGCE.


This day school will explore aspects of Occitan history, culture and society between the 11th and early 14th centuries.  Themes discussed will include the nature of Occitan society and its engagement with the early Crusades, but particular attention will be given to the Cathars, the Albigensian Crusade, and the events that gave rise to it, one of the most intriguing or infamous episodes in European history, rivalling even the Templars for the mysticism that modern generations have invested in the happenings of these times. Perhaps less widely known is the importance of these events in the growth of the French kingdom. We will also consider the work of the Inquisition, particularly through the records of Jacques Fournier’s campaign against the remaining Cathar heretics between 1318 and 1325.

10.00AM - 4.00PM

Hatton Village Hall



10.00AM - 2.300PM

Hatton Village Hall

Cathedrals and Society in the Medieval Western Midlands


Tutor:Dr John Hunt, BA, PhD, FSA, FRHistS, PGCE

This day school will focus on the cathedrals that served the western midlands: Hereford, Worcester and Lichfield/Coventry. The day will introduce the medieval cathedral and its community, looking particularly at the position and role of bishops in local society. While this will naturally embrace their fundamental functions within the affairs and pastoral duties of the diocese, we will also look at the part played by bishops and their cathedrals in the wider interests and activities of the region. This will include regional political affinities and power structures, together with the economic, social, judicial and cultural networks that spanned the region.

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